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Alphastone GmbH & Co. KG

Who is Alphastone?




The Alphastone GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1997 and is still today a family owned business with headquarters in the state capitol of Kiel right at the Baltic Sea. Our well-trained team of twelve people is working anxiously to ensure creative and custom-made solutions for all marine applications. With Alphastone you get a good mix of expertise, competent know-how and the typical Northern German charm.

What Alphastone provides

One name, many faces

Because of our experienced team the Alphastone company has grown to a larger operation. We do provide several unique services and products to a broad spectrum of maritime and industrial applications.


  • naval equipment
  • naval configurations
  • technology and engineering
  • high-tech for nautical and industrial applications
  • yacht services
  • specialized services for mega yachts
  • water sports equipment
  • consulting

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General Management

Just a note

Over the past 20 years we have been diligently providing services for the maritime industry to become the best and most reliable partner. This has resulted in an excellent reputation which we stand for with our good name. My father Dr. Dieter Görlitz, my brother Ralf and recently also my son Marvin Görlitz are part of our leading management team in our family business. We are available for you.

Frank Görlitz

Managing Director

Alphastone Group Headquarters

It’s all connected

The headquarter office of the Alphastone Group is located in the seaport city of Kiel, Steekberg 9. The business and storage building was completely remodeled for our purposes and has ample space for offices as well as storage of goods and parts. It provides the central connecting point for all of Alphastone’s operations. It is also the working place of our operating team, consisting of 10 diligent and devoted people. In addition the Alphastone Group has several other properties necessary for the additional services like our yacht services and winter warehouse.


We are here for you

If you have any questions or need further information please feel free to check our webpages about the various operations or contact us directly. We are more than happy to provide further details.

Alphastone GmbH & Co. KG
Steekberg 9
24107 Kiel