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Alphastone offers an exclusive yacht charter service at the seaside city of Laboe directly at the outskirts of the Fjord of Kiel. We have a few beautiful selection of yachts and boats for charter, so that there is something for everyone and every purpose. You can charter the yachts on a daily basis and you will receive the ideal instruction by our service team on how to use each vessel, so you need not to worry. Of course, that requires, that you do have a licence to maneuver naval vessels. But we provide anything else for you, so you can have a very enjoyable stay on our yachts and fun with our boats.


Just give us a call or stop by at Laboe yacht port. We will assist you, show you our fleet and advice you on how to go from there. The international event of Kiel-Week and other vacation events are wonderful opportunities to participate or observe the sailing parade on one of our yachts. Our fleet is ready at your disposal.


Just note, when you link to our site, that the site is in German only. Give us a call if you need assistance.

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If you have any questions or need further information please feel free to check our webpages about the various operations or contact us directly. We are more than happy to provide further details.

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