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For these 5 fire classes:

Unbeatable, just ingenious!

This sensational quenching gel has many advantages, that will convince anybody who has been involved with extinguishing solutions. It is small, light, fast, effective and easily bio-degradable. There are absolutely no damaging effects left. FireEx®Marine is a must-have for every seaman and water sports fan who cares for safety on board and who wants to keep the environment safe.

Product Attributes

  • highly effective quenching power
  • absolutely no germs – not septic
  • good for 5 fire classes
  • no fluortenside, phosphate and butyldiglycol
  • easily bio degradable according to OECD
  • high gas density
  • sticks to smooth and hot surfaces 
  • safe covering of solid-substance and liquid fires
  • can be used preventively
  • inhibits new ignition
  • not irritant and acidly
  • dermatologically harmless
  • 100 % free of service
  • strongly repellent and refrigerant


Product Advantages

  • washes off with water easily
  • less water damages through regular quenching water
  • reduced usage of fire extinguishing liquids and less use of water
  • less damages on goods as with regular extinguishing liquids
  • sticks 96 times stronger on smooth surfaces than water
  • extinguishes solid-substance fires highly effectively
  • contains no harmful substances or ingredients
  • has preventive and protective power
  • can be used in combination with other extinguishing solutions
  • no maintenance costs
  • not subject to labelling
  • covers fires entirely and inhibits oxygenation, therefore no ignition


Technical Information

  • highest foam density at liquid fires
  • re-ignition > 20 min according to EN 1568-3
  • very high throwing height and distance
  • no subject to labeling according to German “GGV”


Especially good for
fires on materials like…


  • Polyethylene (PE)

  • Polypropylene (PP)

  • Polyacrylate (PAR)

  • Polyamide (PA)

Rubber / Caol

  • Tires

  • Conveyor belt

  • Rubber bolts

  • Coal

  • Coal felt

  • Heaps of coal

  • Carbon dusts


  • Diesel

  • Thermal oils

  • Hydraulic oils

  • Lubricant oils

  • Hard oils

  • Heavy fuel oils

  • Paraffins

quick and handy

one quick push and the extinguishing gel shoots out to enclose the flames

no chance

FireEx® Marine extinguishing gel hits the fire and stops it immediately 


in no time the fire is enclosed, extinguished and no harm done by the gel

As a ship supplier with over 20 years‘ international experience we look for quality and new products, that make the naval experience not only better but also safer. Our Product Service at Alphastone is constantly looking for the latest and best products to best serve the maritime industry.


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