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For all Areas

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Multiple Applications

Mountings  |  Valves  |  Pumps  |  Filters

Global Provider

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Tested at Sea

Our global network and our know-how about construction parts, machines and accessories make us the ideal partner not only in shipping but also for industrial applications. High-end technology, tested by the marine industry is also found in plants ashore. There it optimizes and assures reliable processes. As it has proven its quality in the most adverse conditions, you can be sure about its longevity in your machines and plants as well.

The Alphastone team is the reliable partner at your side. We assist in all matters regarding suitable parts and Systems for your production in order to provide higher efficiency. We also make sure that environmental issues are considered and provide products as per the various industry standards. You may also make use of our Obsolescence Management System: We revitalize old machines and appliances with customized spares.


Proven Technology

Whether pumps, valves, mountings or spare parts: We can provide modern and effective industry technology. This is due to our global network and the expertise we collected over the decades. As we are well experienced in matters of strict maritime requirements, our working standard is the highest level of quality and reliability only. Of course, this is also applied to our customers in the industry ashore.

The Big Picture in Mind

Our portfolio consists of spare parts, building parts, entire appliances, chemicals and lubricants, electronic devices, tools as well as custom-made products. This way, we provide the industry with their most important supplies. The great variety ensures that we can meet your individual needs.

Anyplace, Anytime


Our parts can be applied in any area of the industry. The interaction between man and machine is facilitated with the machines we deliver. We only take the best technology from the maritime world and implement in other fields. Just give us a call.

Industry Applications


Offshore drilling platforms and wind parks are situated far on the ocean and are therefore exposed to extreme weather conditions. Accordingly, a high quality is critical and required for all parts and materials. We provide the appropriate spares and components for those systems and situations. 

Production Plants

Production plants of all kinds, whether the automobile industry, the food industry or the consumer products industry are in need of reliable service partners for components and spare parts. As a service provider par excellence, we support your industry at every step of your supplý-chain and with on-time deliveries of parts.

Process Facilities

Refineries belong to the category of larger process facilities. The demand for pumps, mountings and other parts is accordingly high. Breweries and paper mills also belong to the group of beneficiaries of our services. We deliver equipment tailored to the market needs as well as complex solution packages for your facilities.

sealed, stored, shipped

We take care of global deliveries and all administration associated with it


properly packed

We make sure that all your ordered parts are packed according to shipping demands

At site

We make sure that all parts are delivered directly to your desired location

the smallest

Even the smallest parts will be delivered right on time anywhere in the world

Your Experts for
Foreign Trade, Logistics and Process Management

Our team at Alphastone consists of technical experts as well as trade and commerce specialists. We are available for your questions and provide assistance regarding all the complexities of the worldwide shipping and trade market. We want to make sure that the process of acquiring equipment and parts is as smooth as possible.

Part of our service is the storage and consignment of your goods or parts in our own spacious storage facilities here in Germany. This is not only for the goods you purchase thru us. If needed you can leave to us the entire handling and management of your spare parts supply.



We use our logistics‘ know-how and network in order to have all your shipments delivered right on time.



We take care of a secure and safe transport chain for all of your orders to every destination on this planet.



Our trademark is reliability. Mutual trust and appreciation for our customers is the foundation for good cooperation. Nothing is more important than a trustworthy and competent partner at your side.



We have been working in the maritime business for more than 20 years. Therefore, we built a strong global network that we use for your advantage

As a ship supplier with more than 20 years of international experience, we are here for you.

Contact us, we will take care of your requirements and needs.

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