Luxury on Sea

Mega yachts — a class of its own


Unique and custom-made

Mega yachts are part of a highly demanding requirement profile. They are classy, practically, efficiently and luxuriously furnished floating villas on sea with all the comfort imaginable. That’s why the configuration and equipment are special inquiries with individual requirements which not every service provider will be able to handle. Alphastone with decades of experience in maritime services is the ideal partner.

After completion and leaving the dry dock it is up to the owner and the ship’s crew to manage spare parts, equipment, tools, accessories and special extras according to their individual needs. Alphastone provides its vast experience and know-how in the maritime industry to owners, crews and charter companies of mega yachts, when it comes to ease their life while taking care of those precious ships.

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We deliver directly to your location of mooring

We work fast, reliable, discrete and on time. We set everything in motion for you so you’ll get the parts and accessories, you need. That’s what we call “Signature Service”.

Everything on Board

Spareparts, parts, additional machines, electronic devices, tools and luxury items are part of our endless portfolio, in order to complete or add to the ship’s interior or functionality. We take care of your individual needs.

Small and detailed

We understand every inquiry as a priority assignment, no matter how small or big the requested parts or items are. Even individual inquiries on art pieces we will manage for you.

Service array for mega yachts

The list of required parts and items can be as long and as exclusive as you like. The team at Alphastone can handle any type of inquiry. The five most known areas for services are listed here below. Should you have an inquiry that ist not included in those five categories, doesn’t mean we cannot fulfill it. Just give us a call and state your needs, we will take care of it.

Spare Parts




Special Items

a ship full of possibilities

We will make sure, that you have everything you want and need on board

interior requirements

We will make sure that your fixtures and fittings are in good shape.

classy and precious

We also provide any special accessories of your choosing

engines and technic

In order to keep the yacht running, we provide parts and items needed

digital high-tech media

For your controlling and handling the ideal technology solutions
As ship supplier for more than 20 years with international experience we vouch with our good name. Give us a call and talk to us about your needs. We will take care of it for you.


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