On All Oceans



We offer a wide range of services for the maritime shipping industry, cruise lines, the navy,
the exclusive megayacht sector, as well as the sailing and motorsports sectors.

In All Sizes

Especially in merchant shipping, there is a wide spectrum
of services for which we are fully committed. No matter the size!

Cruise Liner in XXXL

To ensure the well-being and safety of both crew and guests on board,
we exist as a service provider that takes care of everything needed
on board for a pleasant journey.


We Deliver Directly

No matter what you need or desire, we are the service partner that
takes care of everything, and we deliver anywhere!

We Think Along with You

With our international supplier network, we are the ideal partner
for the marine industry and have extensive expertise.

Safety First

We are certified safety service providers on board all types of vessels to ensure safety.
From inspection, overhaul, repair, spare parts supply to fire extinguishing agents,
we are your partner.

For the Sporty Ones

Sailboat and motorboat owners are also included in our service area.
From maintenance and service to complete overhauls, we offer and provide everything.

Passenger | Commercial Shipping

We supply spare parts, components, everything ships and their crews need. Whether it’s commercial shipping, cruise lines, or container ships.


Our exclusive Signature Service for megayacht owners is unique and globally renowned. We pull out all the stops to ensure timely delivery.

Safety Marine

We have a flexible task force that addresses the safety regulations on board, supplying each ship with current standards, inspections, and, if necessary, spare parts.

Yacht Service &
Winter Storage

For yacht owners in sailing or motorsports, we offer a heated winter storage facility along with maintenance services, repairs, modifications, and boat/engine repairs.

Supplying the Navy

Our international network of partners, suppliers, and manufacturers provides the decision-makers of military naval vessels the opportunity to secure comprehensive service and quick supply. We assist everywhere.

Passenger- and Commercial Shipping

Fast, uncomplicated, and comprehensive solutions – you can always rely on us. Among ship outfitters, we see ourselves as a full-service provider, tailoring our services to the individual needs of each vessel. We accompany you throughout the entire order process. Our goal is to collaboratively make your supply chain as efficient as possible. Whether it’s tankers, container ships, or cruise ships, we are here for all types of vessels.

Megayachts Exklusive

Once the megayacht has left the dock upon completion, it is up to the owner and the ship’s management to determine where and how spare parts, accessories, equipment, tools, or specific furnishing requests can be sourced. To make life easier for owners and operators of megayachts, we offer our decades of experience.

For Increased Onboard Safety

Our comprehensive service for shipping includes the inspection of safety-critical technology and equipment on board.

Alphastone Safety Marine Service is authorized and certified by Lloyds Register, American Bureau of Shipping, DNV and Bureau Veritas to conduct safety inspections on board and supply replacement parts, components, and safety solutions.



Highest expertise for you – on-site and also mobile.

We collaborate with top-notch manufacturers and service companies, both in the repair and maintenance sectors.

We guarantee convenient service. If you can’t bring your yacht to us, we come to you. Wherever your yacht is anchored, contact us, and we’ll work together to find a quick solution.

Winter Storage (heated facility)
Engine Repair Service (VOLVO)
Yacht Storage and Transport
Maintenance and Repair Service
Spare Parts Service

Firefighting Agents  |  Health & Hygiene  |  Onboard Safety  |  Technical Equipment

Fire Extinguishing Agents
Health & Hygiene
Onboard Safety
Technical Equipment

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